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Political Advisory

Political Advisory

Global Saribra brings together a core of specialized professionals, at the level of political consultancy, legal support, communication and marketing. This aims to outline the strategy and action plan, identify the best content and channels to achieve the objectives, as well as ensure contact with your target audience. This is an important point, as all audiences contribute to the reputation and notoriety of the candidate. Both voters, and journalists, party members, and those in charge of public institutions.

The political advisor is, therefore, the key piece for the political representative to be able to build a good reputation and visibility in the political environment. But also knowing how to attract interest and persuade voters. Which can be a big challenge, taking into account the competing parties, the media scrutiny and the speed with which news (true and false) circulate on the internet.

The political adviser is largely responsible for preparing speeches, managing interviews and information, content strategy and crisis management, among other areas of influence. As such, this professional must know the socio-political and economic context, the legislation in force, as well as have specific skills in marketing, political communication, media training, strategy, digital marketing, citizenship and public space.

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